7th Grade Football

YSF introduced 7th grade tackle football to the Des Moines metro area due to the absence of 7th grade football in the public schools. Players continue to utilize the varsity plays of their respective high school. They are given the opportunity to travel and play each school in the metro area.

In spring of 2014, YSF teamed up with Red Zone Academy and Youth Trojan Football in Iowa City and Metro Youth Football Association of Cedar Rapids to keep 7th grade football in Iowa City alive and running. After the Iowa City School Board’s decision to eliminate 7th grade football, the four organizations banded together. YSF and Red Zone Academy are providing equipment, a coordinator, and the registrations for Iowa City East, while Youth Trojan Football is providing the same for Iowa City West. MYFA is providing competition and game fields to play on Sundays.

What YSF Provides

  • Helmets
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Pants
  • Game and Practice Jerseys
  • Mouth Guards
  • Footballs
  • Field Kits
  • First-Aid Kits
  • Coaches Training & Background Checks
  • Six-game Schedule
  • Paid Officials