Flag Football

In 2013 Youth Sports Foundation introduced their flag football program powered by USA Football NFL Flag, to better suit our towns that prefer flag over tackle for their young players. The program is an introduction to the fundamentals of football for players in grades 1st-4th.The 1st and 2nd grade program is “home- based”, while the 3rd and 4th grade program can be a “travel league” or “home-based”.  If you are interested in this program contact your Regional Director or our YSF office (563-288-2541}

Equipment provided:

Reversible game/practice jersey

Softshell helment


Flags and belts

Mouth guards

If your town is interested in this program please contact our main office!

What YSF Provides

  • Reversible jersey (NFL team specific)
  • Flags and footballs
  • Scheduled games/tournaments
  • Certified coaches
  • Set USA Flag rules


YSF FLAG Principles and Policies

YSF FLAG Penalties