Mission Statement

The Youth Sports Foundation was created to help provide the opportunity and the means by which any child at the 3rd-7th grade school age can actively participate in an organized sport that values personal integrity, team and leadership skills, in a fun and healthy learning environment. To contact Jim for more information about Youth Sports Foundation email him at jmiller.ysf@gmail.com

Jim Miller

President & Co-founder


Donations play a large part in allowing Youth Sports Foundation the opportunity to scholarship athletes throughout all our programs. Thank you in advance for any and all donations.

Welcome to YSF

YSF Volleyball girls and coaches finish their season with a THUMBS UP !

The end of a fun season


" My Coach believed in me when I thought I couldn't do it."

"My son molded himself into something larger than himself thru discipline and peer socialization."

"I like that there were no awards at the end. Focused on football & getting better not just winning."

"YSF is a great group to organize teams and games. We were very satisfied with the coaches, teams, athletes and spectators. We cannot wait to participate next year."

"Even though I'M officially done as coordinator for YSF, I want to say it's been such a great experience for all 3 of our boys. We are grateful to the YSF for the opportunity. We have a senior. Sophomore, and 6th grader this year. Their friends come over to the house and still talk about the YSF. Great memories I hope they can make with their own kids some day."

"I'll be returning as YSF coordinator for my town for the foreseeable future. It's so important to make sure we're introducing tackle football the right way and I really don't want to leave that up to somebody else who might not understand how critical that is."


"Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points." - Knute Rockne

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