For 5th-6th tackle 6-game schedule the YSF fee is $170. 
For a 3rd-4th grade 6-game schedule the fee is also $170.
For 3rd-4th tackle 4-game schedule the YSF player fee is $130
For flag the YSF player fee is $75.
Monday, August 12th
Either on Saturday, August 24th or Sunday, August 25th. 
The date depends on what conference jamboree you play in.
Yes, only for 5th-6th grade teams. The 3rd-4th grade teams need to purchase their own decals if they want them.
It is 90.4 pounds for 3rd-4th grade and 115.4 for 5th-6th grade.
The YSF provides a stipend for officials. $40 per game for a 3rd-4th grade game that a town hosts, and $60 per game for a 5th-6th grade game that a town hosts. 
A town coordinator can pay their officials whatever they want to. 
The stipend is intended to assist in the payment for officials.  A stipend is not provided for flag football officials. 
The coordinator must fill out and submit an EQUIPMENT REQUEST FORM and submit it. 
3rd-4th tackle play a 4-game schedule; 5th-6th grade tackle play a 6-game schedule.  1st-2nd grade flag play a 4-game schedule; 3rd-4th and 5th-6th grade flag play a 6-game schedule.
Only the head coach needs to be certified and the YSF pays for this certification.  The certification is done annually.  Assistant coaches may also get certified, but need to either pay on their own or have their town cover the cost.
The link can be found on the Youth Sports Foundation website.
Yes, but only by outgoing 6th graders.  The cost of the jerseys is $60. A check needs to be made out to YSF for $60 to buy the jersey. The coordinator should also indicate on the YSF inventory that a jersey was purchased and needs to be replaced.
Most flag games are played on Saturday and most tackle games are played on Sunday afternoon.
NO. The player must be in the grade and of grade age to play in the grade level program.
Refunds are only given up to the date set by the YSF. No refunds are given after that time. The YSF keeps a $35 processing fee.
The YSF has many options for towns to do fundraising to help pay player fees. Ask your regional director about the options.
Please contact your town coordinator to possibly become a youth football coach.